Welcome to Toronto Scholars' Collegiate! Our school's mission is to help each student achieve their highest potential and to support all our students to develop their skills as lifelong learners with a strong sense of self-worth.

At Toronto Scholars' Collegiate, our teachers promote critical thinking and problem-solving in their lessons. All our teachers possess a passion and imagination for learning and act as mentors for the students. The small size of our school ensures individual support for all our students. We encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits.

At Toronto Scholars' Collegiate, we believe a student's success is measured not only by academic success but also by developing their social and interpersonal skills and contribution to school life. Students have the opportunity to be a part of clubs and activities encompassing the creative arts, outdoor education and sports.

As the Principal of Toronto Scholars' Collegiate, I am deeply committed to ensuring that all our students receive every opportunity to experience exceptional learning opportunities in safe and happy environments. We are here to help all our students reach their highest potential academically in a happy and secure academic environment.

Once again, welcome to our school! I look forward to meeting each one of you in person!


Dr. Sneha Abraham