Toronto Scholar’s Collegiate focuses on the education of international students and offers a distinct teaching method particularly benefiting international students. Parents and children can expect a full range of assistance covering every aspect of students’ life in Toronto. 


In cooperation with Toronto Eschool, Toronto Scholars Collegiate adopts the latest blended education system. Every TSC student is provided with an online account where they are able to submit the assignments and enroll in online credit courses. This creative module was initially developed by the Ministry of Education to improve learning efficiency and effectiveness by facilitating students within the whole studying cycle. The result has been proved by many schools and students.

Online course can be the best approach for those students who have a tight time schedule. It also provides a wide range of courses for students. Taking online courses at Toronto Scholars Collegiate is at its greatest value as we would roll out teachers to facilitate online learning. An online platform can also facilitate “pre-learning” which can be a significant advantage for students who are not located in Canada. They can utilize the vocation to take online credit courses, by which they can get familiar with classes in Canada, breakthrough language barriers and earn credits before they come to Canada. For current students, they can take online courses at their own pace during summer vacation, in which they can shorten the study time in Canada. This is also beneficial for parents who are not located in Toronto by providing them with a platform to follow up on their children’s performance at school. 


Toronto Scholars Collegiate is located in Markham, Ontario and the building occupies approximately 4.2 square acre and 60,000 square feet indoor. There are more than 40 rooms for classrooms, meeting rooms, canteens and labs in within a two-story building. TSC also includes a music department on the first floor, sculpture & painting department and library on the second. TSC will have a gymnasium with an area of 557m2. At this well-equipped school, we aim for the students to receive full-scale knowledge and skills and provide every opportunity for students’ personalized development.