The high school program at Toronto Scholars Collegiate provides students with a powerful edge over their peers. Our unique 3-semester program allows students to accumulate additional credits and complete the high school curriculum more quickly, giving them an advantage toward University admissions. The high school schedule has been purposefully aligned with the standard university academic calendar in order to better prepare our students for the post-secondary challenge.

The schedule is as follows: 


Why Choose Full-Year Schooling?

Our three-semester system allows students to fast-track through high school. There is an opportunity to earn four credits every four months rather than four credits every five months like in the public system. TSC grads will be presented with two additional points of entry into post-secondary institutions – January and May. This provides a huge advantage over their peers, as all of the public school students are forced compete at one time over limited spots each September.

Providing flexible full-year schooling options allows every family to make their own decision regarding attendance in July and/or August to best suit their own schedules. Some parents may keep their child at home for the summer; some parents may take their children on an extended visit to family and relatives in their home country for the summer; while some parents must continue work and will want their child to continue in the excellent learning environment at TSC knowing that they have the flexibility to take their family vacation whenever is best suited for them.

The educational advantage is enormous and allows each child to progress well beyond any level they would be achieving in the publicly funded system.

The parent’s advantage is equally as great. Parents need not struggle to arrange activities, camps and sitters for the summer. The whole year remains the same. There is no disruption to the family’s daily routines.