Scholars’ Hall was established in 1980 by Dr. Fred Gore. For 38 years, Scholars’ Hall has been providing local and international students with a first-class learning environment and superior education. There are more than 160 students enrolled at Scholars Hall, of which, 10 are from international countries. We strive to prepare our students with well-developed competencies by helping students acquire the practical skills and knowledge to reach their full potential. Our students are also equipped with globalized insights, which places them in a strong position to succeed in our competitive environment.

As the founder and the first principal at Scholars Hall, Dr. Fred Gore, dedicates himself to education for which he had a series of revolutionary innovations at various high schools in Ontario. Dr. Gore creates a flexible teaching system, which focuses not only on students’ academic achievements but also the application of knowledge learned inside the classroom. Students’ development in practical skills, leadership and creativeness has always being a priority at Scholars’ Hall. Scholars’ Hall is the only nondenominational private school in KW where students from all faiths and all nationalities feel equally at home at Scholars’ Hall. Establishing a life-long work ethic is an integral part of Scholars’ educational approach. Homework and study skills, as well as organizational strategies are all incorporated into every subject promoting and encouraging each student to develop their own personal work ethic. Scholars’ Hall is the only school, public or private, in all of KW to provide everyday homework proportionate to the expected learning potential levels. In this kind of environment, students will naturally progress much faster and acquire a much better educational foundation. There is also a consistent focus and expectation to produce work of a high personal standard. Scholars’ Hall takes its educational responsibilities so seriously that Fridays are “stay till it’s done day”. The teachers will actually remain after dismissal on a Friday until every student has, not only, completed all of their assigned work, but to the level of the student’s assessed potential.

Dr. Fred Gore has paid several visits to China as a Canadian education professional and out of the great passion he has for Chinese culture, Dr. Fred Gore set up the school in 2018 in Toronto and named it Toronto Scholars Collegiate. Toronto Scholars Collegiate, established as an affiliate of Scholars' Hall, offers comprehensive Ontario high school credit courses, as well as committed staff and faculty members, all of whom are highly experienced and passionate about teaching. Dr. Fred Gore holds the position of Director of Education at TSC.